Company EMBITRON Ltd. is the world market producer in physiotherapy and rehabilitation equipment and has its head office in Plzeň, a historic and industrial city near capital of Czech Republic Prague. 

EMBITRON Ltd. is the world market producer in physiotherapy and rehabilitative medical equipment. Embitron has a worldwide clientele of medicals professionals and physioterapists, we distribute our products i.e. to the whole Europe, Russia, Canada, Egypt, Lybia, Indonesia, New Zealand etc.

Over its 20 years history Embitron Ltd. has grown into a valued supplier of products for the treatment of conditions of the locomotor system as well as supplier of products of appatatus for improving the quality of life. Embitron produces biomedical devices that are fully certified and have Czech quality mark as well as European quality mark CE 1014 of the Council Directive 93/42/EEC. Embitron disposes of a worldwide delivery system and is able to deliver our devices to all foreign countries including staff training and service.

Company EMBITRON focused in such fields of interest:
  • Medical devices distributon and projects for spa, wellness and rehabilitation centers and hospitals
  • Medical devices production, service and installations
  • Medical devices research and development


Embitron s.r.o 

Borská 55
Plzeň 301 00
Czech republic

Tel: +420 377 423 556
Fax: +420 377 464 940

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